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AminoTek : Amino Acid 30%
Amino Acid 30%


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AminoTek : Amino Acid 30%

A latest generation organic fertilizer made of low molecular weight amino acids, peptides and peptones formulated for repeated foliar treatments to all crops, horticultural and arboreal. The amino acids contained are indispensable for the crop's life, not only as nutrients but also as catalysts of enzymatic activities essential for plant metabolism. Proteins are a vital constituent of animal and plant life; in the latter being indispensable for vegetative growth, flowering and fruit formation. Starting with nitrogen, water and air photochemical processes convert these raw materials initially into amino acids; subsequently peptides and proteins are formed. This requires time and significant use of the crop's energy intake. 

Aminospray, supplying readily absorbed peptides and peptones accelerates protein formation and increases the productive capacity of the treated crops. Nutrient penetration into the tissues is also enhanced reducing stress due to climatic factors and/or pesticide treatments.

Total Organic Nitrogen (N) 8%
Water soluble Organic Nitrogen (N) 8%
Biological Organic Carbon (C) 25%

AminoTek (gr/100 gr amino acid)
Aspartic Acid 5,70
Glutamic Acid 10,42
Alanine 8,93
Arginine 5,95
Cysteine 0,37
Phenylalanine 2,48
Glycine 25,31
Hydroxyproline 8,18
Isoleucine 1,48
Istidine 1,24
Leucine 3,72
Lysine 4,46
Methionine 0,74
Proline 13,97
Serine 1,73
Tyrosine 1,48
Threonine 0,99
Tryptophan 0,37
Valine 2,48
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