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Micronutrient & Agro Chemicals Company
Water Soluble Pesticides Foliar Feeds Chemicals Micronutrients Granular Biological Disinfectant & Cleaners
Bio Mono Biological Pesticides for control of sucking pest
Troucho Biological Fungicide for control of Fungus in all crops
Neem 300 Biological Pesticides containing Azadirachtin 300 ppm
Neem 1500 Biological Pesticides containing Azadirachtin 1500 ppm
Liv Zinc Zinc Solubilizing Becteria (Liquid Bio Fertilizer)
Liv Potash Potash Mobilizing Becteria (Liquid Bio Fertilizer)
Liv Phosfert Phosfert Solubilizing Becteria (Liquid Bio Fertilizer)
Liv NPK Liquid Consortia NPK Biofertilizer
Liv Rizo Rhizobium (Liquid Biofertilizer)
Liv Azoto Azotobactor (Liquid Biofertilizer)
Maha Neem Maha Neem (50000 ppm)
Neemten Neemten (10000 ppm)

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