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HumiTek : Humic Acid 12%
Humic Acid 12%
Excellent For all crops


Kg. 1

Kg. 25

HumiTek : Humic Acid 12%

Humitek is a liquid organic plant tonic based on humic acids; highly active organic compounds extracted from natural fossils. These colloidal formulations maximise the availability of nutrients whether applied directly to the crop or already present in the soil. Humitek increases the activity of growth promoting factors. It is also beneficial as a seed treatment and on seedling root systems prior to transplantation. Applied as a foliar treatment, it enhances the translocation of nutrients throughout the plant by increasing cell wall permeability. Applied as a seed dressing, Humitek improves germination rates.

Total organic matter As is
Humified organic matter (%) on the total organic matter 99%
Total organic nitrogen (N)   0,50%
C/N Ratio 80
Extracting substance KOH


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