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Water soluble fertilizers
19:19:19  Water Soluble Fertilser 
NPK fertilizer in soluble powder


Kg. 1

Kg. 25

Solufert 19:19:19 : Water Soluble Fertiliser 

Solufert foliar is an ideal plant food formulation which can be used where the fertility state of soil is not known or where the nutrients are at medium level in soil . 
Avoid mixing of these fertilizers with any fungicides or pesticides 
Spraying should be done either in early morning or in the evening . Do not spray in direct rains , sunlight and when plant is in stress.

Benefits :
100% water soluble , blended with all essential micronutrient in EDTA Chelated Form . 
Causes rapid & healthy growth of crop & recovers deficiencies due to balanced nutrient supply . 
Increases resistance against pest and diseases by keeping plants healthy , ultimately reducing cost on pesticides and fungicides . 
Causes early and uniform flowering , prevents flowers and fruits droping , resulting in more yield .
Improves fruit quality . weight , colour ,size and shelf life 

Recommended Dosages :

One or two spray per month , total number of sprays should be decided depending upon crop , growth stage and nutrient requirement . 
Concentration of use 3-6 gms/lit . Approximate requirement , 0.25 1 Kg per acre for each application 
Use adequate water volume for thorough coverage of the plant to get maximum benefit .
Method of application chosen.


Total Nitrogen (N) 13%
Nitric Nitrogen (N) 13%
Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 46%
pH (0,1%) 7.0
Electric Conductivity (0,1% at 25 C, mS/cm) 1.26
Solubility at 25C (g/l H20) 300
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